Our Mission

Right C3 is centered on helping the next generation make wise decisions by pursuing the right career and attending the right college at the right cost.



At Right C3 we have used our expertise to build a proprietary software system designed to help you make the best possible choices. For most of us, the decision to pick a college and a major comes about once in a lifetime…usually during our high school years when we are just discovering who we are, and our gifts and talents.



The Right C3 Service is based on our extensive knowledge accumulated over years of working with tens of thousands of high schools students. We have developed a core competency about all of the critical steps that need to be taken to make wise choices at the right point in time to choose the ideal college and career. Here are the guiding principles used by our Right C3 Coaches and built into our Knowledgebase™ proprietary solution:

Every Right C3 student has greatness within him or her.
Every student deserves the right knowledge for his or her unique situation.
Every student will do what is necessary to move toward his or her destiny.


Collectively, our Coaches have several decades of experience working with teenagers and parents in the college admissions process. Professionally, our team has worked as college professors, high school teachers, AVID instructors, admissions specialists, student pastors, tutors, journalists, and editors.  

We have committed to invest heavily in the training of our Coaching Team to ensure that they are equipped to provide the absolute best guidance possible to each of our families by leveraging the capabilities of the Right C3 Knowledgebase™. Each Coach is thoroughly interviewed (including background checks) so you know your student has access to the best, most caring people possible.

Along with on-going training, our Coaches have completed thousands of financial aid reviews from hundreds of colleges. Our knowledgeable team has the resources and expertise to provide you with the right cost options when planning for college.

Meet a few of our exceptional Right C3 Coaches.


The Right C3 coaching team has visited colleges across the country in 39 states and counting.  These visits allow our coaches to gain more hands-on experience and education in the college admissions process along with feedback that is crucial for high school students and their families.