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Right Cost

The stories are everywhere about the financial peril faced by students over the increasing cost of higher education and the staggering loan debt afterwards. Finding the right cost for college is one of the most expensive endeavors you will face and also one of the most perplexing to understand.

Only Right C3 offers our families a complete set of proprietary and proven tools to navigate the difficult maze of college financial aid, which can help you save precious time and money, and have financial peace of mind for your future. Our Coaches are steeped in the world of financial aid on a college-by-college basis, and have the resources and expertise at their disposal to provide you with the right cost options to help ensure your financial future.

We understand the rising costs of college, and the difficulty this extra expense can place on a family when they are not prepared. With over 38% of college students dropping out of college as a result of financial issues, we know the importance of having a financial aid package that matches your personal and family financial situation.



We profile thousands of colleges and their financial aid programs through our KnowledgeBase™, and will apply their programs to your current finances to reveal the best schools for minimizing future student debt.

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