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Right College

Imagine if a close friend knew you so well that they could tell you the best possible college to attend!

From the moment you log into Right C3 we will start discovering your strengths and our Coaches will start matching you with the right college choices. You’ll have Right C3’s complete library of vital college information at your fingertips, but what really sets us apart is our proprietary process of finding right fit colleges customized to your unique situation.

Our proprietary My Fit™ approach considers your unique profile to determine your unique fit in four critical areas. Then we apply our extensive experience at Right C3 to refine your college list until the perfect matches are found. Using Right C3 ensures you’ll be applying only to relevant, right colleges—ones that were selected based on who you are as a person, your family income, and your ideal career options in growth industries. You and your parents will be deeply satisfied to know that the college you choose is truly the right college of your dreams!

It is exciting to see the “Starting List” of Colleges that Right C3 will customize just for you. Our proprietary process called MyFit™ profiles your academic, social, emotional and financial fit at colleges and universities. Right C3 makes your college choices crystal clear!

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