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Right Career

Only Right C3 offers proprietary career matching programs based on a thorough and complete profile of who you are, how you learn, and what you enjoy most in life. Our unique knowledge of careers is based on working with tens of thousands of students, various emerging and significant industries, and thousands of colleges. Only Right C3 has the experience to guide you through the maze to your right career selection.

But what makes the Right C3 career selection module unique is that we connect it to your college choices. Our carefully designed process has been used by tens of thousands of students to help them pinpoint their strengths and to guide them to their dream career. Our passion is for to you discover what you were designed to achieve in life, and you’ll do that by using our right career selection tools with support from our expert Coaches. And we help you find right careers in fields that are growing so that you can be part of the 37% of graduating college students who actually work at a job related to their intended career. Right C3 has made it our goal to give students the right start.

Right C3 exposes our students to careers that are designed for their personality in growth industries where the jobs will be when they graduate.

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