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Are You the Right C3 Student? - Right C3RightC3

Are You The Right C3 Student?

Our Right C3 Coaches are uniquely equipped to work with students to achieve their college dreams. We serve tens of thousands of students from across the United States who possess a deep desire to attend a U.S. college. Our expectation from our students is this: Do your personal best. Getting into the right college is not about having perfect grades in school or earning exceptional SAT/ACT test scores. It is about you finding your unique role in life, finding a career that lets you live out your passion and getting into the right college that will launch your intended future.

There are college choices for everyone.

Some students may believe that college is not within their reach due to academic difficulties or due to their fear of high college costs. We know from working with tens of thousands of students over the years, that with a strong commitment any student can attend the right college for them at the right cost. Committed action leads to results.

How can you be one of our students?

Our workshop enrollment process is designed to make sure that we work with committed students who are ready and excited to embark on their college journey and who have asked for our assistance. We have helped students attend Ivy League colleges, private colleges, public universities and even community colleges if it serves them best in attaining their right four-year degree. Our Right C3 Coaches and our technological resources provide our students with the right knowledge at the right time so that they can make informed, intelligent decisions. If you are interested in becoming one of our Right C3 students please email us at reservations@rightc3.com to attain information on our annual open enrollment workshop in your area.

Success demands singleness of purpose
-Vince Lombardi-

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