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Our Proprietary Solution - Right C3RightC3

Our Proprietary Solution

The Right C3 Service is based on our extensive knowledge accumulated over years of working with tens of thousands of high schools students. We have developed a core competency about all of the critical steps that need to be taken to make wise choices at the right point in time to choose the ideal college and career. Here are the guiding principles used by our Right C3 Coaches and built into our Knowledgebase™ proprietary solution:

  • Every Right C3 student has greatness within him or her. We are committed to helping our students discover their gifts, talents and purpose.
  • Every student deserves the right knowledge for his or her unique situation. We will help our students achieve their dreams by being straightforward in an encouraging but realistic way.
  • Every student will do what is necessary to move toward his or her destiny. We expect our students to do their part to make the C3 experience a productive and valuable investment in the future.

Our Coaches will bring out the best in our students based on their extensive experience and the use of our proprietary software that is simply not available in most schools.  Right C3 has guided tens of thousands of students to make the best college decisions.  We are confident that we can help you.

Right C3 Offers the Complete Foundation for the
Right College and Career

Our Solution

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