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Our Results

2013 Stats Graphic

Here is a sample of what our families are saying about the Right C3 program…

“Right C3 has helped me plan, see, and believe in my future goals. I was struggling with math but as I learned and progressed with the program I brought up my scores. They helped with my career and college. The Right C3 coaches helped me combine what loved most and what I excel at to make a career decision, which this is how we came up with architecture. I would recommend this program to anyone!”

Justice B., AR


“Right C3 has helped me prepare for college by always being there. Whenever I had a question they were quick to respond and help me. I also liked how they always encouraged me to ask them more questions or ask for more help if I needed it. One major thing that they really helped me with was the timely scheduled emails. Those really helped me stay on-track. I wanted to say that I am genuinely thankful for all the help Right C3 has given me! ”

Rebecca S., MA


“I think that Right C3 really helped me in the sense that I was able to prepare for the future in an organized way. It helped me validate my career choice and helped me figure out what I needed to do to get into the school I wanted. They also helped me to narrow down my list of schools and provided all of the information I needed to make my college decision.”

Neda B., CA


“Right C3 has helped me with anything from reviewing essays to helping me with the SAT. Using Right C3 to study for SAT helped my scores go up. I also appreciate the reminder emails that were sent to remind me of the things I needed to get done. I tend to forget with all the things I have going on so those emails were very helpful. I’m very happy with my decision to sign up with Right C3, it was 100% worth it for my senior year.”

Sandra B., MD


“Right C3 has not only prepared me for college but it has truly helped me throughout my senior year. It has relieved so much stress for me with work and being active in school. While in high school, math was always my worst subject, I could never get it no matter who taught me, but the Right C3 math tutors have really helped me develop better math skills. Right C3 was the absolute best in helping me understand my FASFA/SAR & Award letter documents when I had no clue what it was saying. Whenever I had a question all I had to do was call and Right C3 would stay on the phone with me until I fully understood every little thing. I would gladly recommend Right C3 to anyone and everyone.”

Destinyee S., GA


“Right C3 helped lead me to my interest in my future career. The career database introduced me to the option of becoming a pediatric nurse practitioner and now I will be studying nursing at TCU! I appreciate the very quick responses from the coaches about my essays and the Right C3 coaches definitely made my college application process very easy.”

Samantha S., TX


“Right C3 has given me the knowledge on how the four years of high school, the application process, and the commitment to my college will affect the rest of my life. It has shown me the way to my perfect school and given me the confidence to complete my schooling. Right C3 has been there for any question that came to mind and answered effectively and quickly. Right C3 is similar to a right hand man when tackling the long road to college. They have been there with guidance, encouragement, and wisdom.”

Kaitlyn M., FL

“Right C3 helped me by organizing the steps I should take to reach my career goal to become a nurse. Right C3 really helped me visualize where and how I would take my next step, and which colleges fit me needs and personality. I really appreciate all their help and I wish them all the best for the next incoming students who they will help in the future.”

Chidinma E., MD


“Right C3 has been immensely helpful in preparing me for college by being there for me through every step. I had no help whatsoever simply because no one in my family has gone to college, so they didn’t know anything about financial aid or grants or even how necessary it is to visit the campus! It was amazing having someone available at all times to answer any questions I may have. Thank you coaches for helping me decide which college to attend! ”

Amanda B., AZ


“Right C3 really kept me on-track to get into my college of choice. They sent me emails to remind me of the tasks I needed to complete. I really enjoyed having my essays reviewed and reading the comments that came back with each one. It helped me become a better writer and I can’t even imagine sending in an essay without having Right C3 feedback. I felt like I had the upper hand compared to my friends when it came to the college admission process, and I’m so glad that RightC3 was there to guide me to my goals.”

Michael V., MI


“Right C3 has helped me figure out what career I want to pursue and how I can go about pursuing it. They really helped me understand the process of getting to college and where I want to be. Students should definitely use this program!”

RaShawnna B., NC


“Right C3 definitely motivated me to do my best with reminders, encouragement and motivation to practice on the SAT, research colleges, or work to improve my essays and my GPA. The math tutoring also kept me from failing one of my math/physics classes which was definitely a huge boost! I really enjoyed the program, thanks for helping me get into my #1 college!”

Trong H., WA


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